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Fagor 8055 drive manual

When scratching the reference workpiece the workpieces offsets will be taken over. When scratching the measured workpiece the position offsets will be taken over.

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In the run-up to the machining process collisions and programming mistakes can be avoided and corrected by using the dry run. In order to ease the operation and the programming the control is equipped with an editor with helping cycles and pictures.

The contours the workpieces should have after the machining process are illustrated by graphics in the programming process. Alarms, signals, versions and customer information are displayed by the diagnostics.

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Our demo versions contain the full function range, but they are limited to 30 days from date of installation. Get up to date. The only requirement is that you have a valid license key. The improvements concerning the update are documented in History. For external NC programming of NC controlled machine tools. It may be installed within an institute registered by the licenser in an unlimited number on PC workstations respectively in a network.

Suitable for use in machines and simulation workplaces alike, it displays additional control elements directly on the screen and, when used together with a touchscreen monitor, provides the ideal input interface. With support for a wide range of keyboard variants, customer-specific screen layouts and tailored solutions for individual customers, Easy2control represents a promising and highly flexible extension to the modular EMCO training concept.

The interchangeable controls are represented using an on-screen keyboard, which makes switching between different control systems even easier and quicker. All core CAD program functions are available. Graphic displays of CNC cycles allow quick programming, while simulations and collision checks ensure that control programming is safe. For more information, click here. View Product. Symbolic picture. Let us help you find the machine you need Machine search.

From experience in turning From experience in Milling From experience in Automation. Jobs Apprenticeships Internships Application. FAGOR The Fagor is part of the interchangeable control WinNC. One of these controls is the Fagor Handling like the Fagor industry control with horizontal softkeys Detailed error messages about drive problems and programming faults Operation via PC keyboard, control keyboard and mouse Languages: German, English, French, Spanish Programs and tool data will be stored permanently Position offset will be stored permanently Large NC program memory limited only by the size of the hard disc Reproduced software version Automatic measuring of tools When scratching the reference workpiece the workpieces offsets will be taken over.

Automatic measuring of position offsets When scratching the measured workpiece the position offsets will be taken over.Fagor automation website makes it easy to download all the fagor cnc controls manuals and catalogs free of charge. Heidenhain manuals are available in multiple languages. Electron Z32 cnc control can freely download D. Electron Z32 Programming Manuals from D.

Electron website link given below. Siemens provides free to download manuals for Sinumerik CNC controls. CNC machinists who work with Sinumerik cnc controls can freely browse and download manuals for their liking free of charge.

Tormach Manuals Manuals for Tormach…. Walter provides a full range of tools for turning, drilling, grooving,threading and milling. Walter tools catalog are free to download from Walter tools website. Walter tools manuals are available in…. This Haas cnc lathe manual contains….

You can…. The cutting speed recommendations are only available for applicable combinations of materials and grades….

From start to finish,…. Fagor CNC. Walter Tools Catalog Free Download Walter provides a full range of tools for turning, drilling, grooving,threading and milling. Home About. All rights reserved.As aplicaes busybox V0.

1 Fagor 8055 TC Introduction

A livraria grx V2. O kernel de linux V2. O carregador de linux ppcboot V1. Se voc deseja que lhe seja enviada uma cpia em CD deste cdigo fonte, envie 10 euros a Fagor Automation em conceito de custos de preparao e envio. Todos os direitos reservados. No se pode reproduzir nenhuma parte desta documentao, transmitir-se, transcrever-se, armazenar-se num sistema de recuperao de dados ou traduzir-se a nenhum idioma sem o consentimento expresso de Fagor Automation.

Fagor 8055 CNC

Probe-se qualquer reproduo ou uso no autorizado do software, quer seja no conjunto ou em parte. A informao descrita neste manual pode estar sujeita a variaes motivadas por modificaes tcnicas. Fagor Automation se reserva o direito de modificar o contedo do manual, no estando obrigado a notificar as variaes.

Todas as marcas registradas ou comerciais que aparecem no manual pertencem aos seus respectivos proprietrios. O uso destas marcas por terceiras pessoas para outras finalidades pode vulnerar os direitos dos proprietrios. Portanto, a menos que haja licena expressa de Fagor Automation, qualquer aplicao do CNC que no se encontre indicada na documentao deve-se considerar como "impossvel".

De qualquer maneira, Fagor Automation no se responsabiliza por leses, danos fsicos ou materiais que possa sofrer ou provocar o CNC se este utilizado de maneira diferente explicada na documentao relacionada.

Fagor Manuals

Se h contrastado o contedo deste manual e sua validez para o produto descrito. Ainda assim, possvel que se tenha cometido algum erro involuntrio e por isso que no se garante uma coincidncia absoluta. De qualquer maneira, se verifica regularmente a informao contida no documento e se procede a realizar as correes necessrias que ficaro includas numa posterior edio.

Agradecemos as suas sugestes de melhoramento. Os exemplos descritos neste manual esto orientados para uma melhor aprendizagem. Antes de utiliz-los, em aplicaes industriais, devem ser convenientemente adaptados e tambm se deve assegurar o cumprimento das normas de segurana.

Milmetros G71 ou polegadas G G59 e G Parada de programa Parada condicional de programa Final de programa Final de programa com volta no comeo Arranque da rvore direita sentido horrio Arranque da rvore esquerda sentido anti-horrio Parada de eixo-rvore Cdigo de mudana de ferramenta Parada orientada de eixo-rvore Troca de gamas do eixo-rvore Ciclo fixo de calibragem de ferramenta no comprimento.Toggle navigation 1PDF.

Download PDF. This product uses the following source code, subject to the terms of the GPL license. The applications busybox V0. All rights reserved.

Unauthorized copying or distributing of this software is prohibited.

fagor 8055 drive manual

It is possible that CNC can execute more functions than those described in its associated documentation; however, Fagor Automation does not guarantee the validity of those applications. Therefore, except under the express permission from Fagor Automation, any CNC application that is not described in the documentation must be considered as "impossible".

In any case, Fagor Automation shall not be held responsible for any personal injuries or physical damage caused or suffered by the CNC if it is used in any way other than as explained in the related documentation.

The information described in this manual may be subject to changes due to technical modifications. Fagor Automation reserves the right to change the contents of this manual without prior notice.

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The content of this manual and its validity for the product described here has been verified. Even so, involuntary errors are possible, hence no absolute match is guaranteed.

fagor 8055 drive manual

However, the contents of this document are regularly checked and updated implementing the necessary corrections in a later edition.

We appreciate your suggestions for improvement.

fagor 8055 drive manual

All the trade marks appearing in the manual belong to the corresponding owners. The use of these marks by third parties for their own purpose could violate the rights of the owners. The examples described in this manual are for learning purposes. Before using them in industrial applications, they must be properly adapted making sure that the safety regulations are fully met.

The librarygrx V2. The linux kernel V2. The linux boot ppcboot V1. If you would like to have a CD copy of this source code sent to you, send 10 Euros to Fagor Automation for shipping and handling. Millimeters G71 or inches G G59 and G Temporary cancellation of tangential control Program stop Conditional program stopPage of Go.

Page 28 - Measure or calibrate the tool radius and Execute a part-program Page 40 - MC model. Cycle selection Page 41 - MC model. Auxiliary M functions in all t Page 42 - MC model.

Modifications in the tapping c Page 43 - MC model. Tool measurement and calibrati Page 52 - Parameters accessible from the oscillosc Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Manual.

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Table of Contents. Fagor i FL Operating Manual pages.

Fagor Manuals

Page 4: Version 7. Page 5: Detected Errors 7. CNC connection to the telephone line It must be done through the RS serial line and using a modem that has RS serial line communication. Page Improvements To The Profile Editor 10 Improvements to the profile editor The following improvements have been made: It is possible to select the coordinate system of the work plane, axes and their direction. The right window, under "Display Area", indicates whether the autozoom is on or not and the selected coordinate system.

It includes graphic data editing. A new range of OEM subroutines has now been defined. Page Improved Drive Parameter Management 16 Improved drive parameter management From this version on, it also possible to save and load into a peripheral device or PC the drive parameter tables via Sercos serial line. For that, select the parameter page of the desired drive at the CNC and press the relevant softkey.

Difference greater than 10 microns 0. In all these cases, a home search must be carried out so the signal is set back high. Page 20 This feature must be managed from the PLC. This window shows at the top a help graphic and the tool fields that can be edited.

The units set the beginning and end of radius compensation applied by the CNC like it was before.Fagor Automation offers an integral solution with our large catalog of drive and motor systems that integrate with our CNC and feedback systems. The main characteristic of our accessories is their adaptive capability.

This often makes it possible to retrofit the machine simply by upgrading certain components without having to spend more than it is actually needed. We manufacture drive systems that can be adapted to motors from other brands and combined with analog drives, often making it possible to restore old or damaged machines through retrofitting.

Fagor offers small spindle motors that are balanced for high speed and include a power range between 3. We also offer axis motors with speeds from 3, rpm to 6, rpm and a stall torque from 1. Fagor motors and digital servo drives for special machines packaging, glass, marble, etc. Skip to content Home Servo Drive Systems.

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Servo Drive Systems. Motors Fagor offers small spindle motors that are balanced for high speed and include a power range between 3. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. I accept.Remember password. Did you forget your password? High speed machining Advanced algorithms for very accurate parts. Adaptive machining dynamics for best execution time. Work in inclined planes. Easier machine setup Setup systems with graphic assistance.

Oscilloscope function to help optimize axis behavior. Circularity roundness test that helps improve the behavior of the machine when reversing the moving direction.

Operation with the user in mind Operation designed for operators of conventional machines without prior programming knowledge as well as for experts on ISO-coded language. Part preparation assistance Manual and automatic tool calibration. Part centering and part measuring cycles. Management of multiple part zero offsets. Part damage estimation. Programming languages ISO-coded language for large series where optimizing the program is most important so execution time is as short as possible.

Conversational language for small series or unitary single parts. It has been conceived for shops where programming time is a critical factor. You must log in as a user to download the files. Do not have an account? If you are not registered and you want to download the document register Sign up. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

I accept. Remote terminals and electronic handwheels 2.

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